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We can accomplish this by working with local farmers, businesses, national and local organizations, supporting each other:

  • Educating and informing the public about the health, environmental, and economic benefits of reviving an industry that has been prohibited for over seventy years;
  • Building a community of individuals, businesses and organizations to facilitate the growth of the industry;
  • Working collaboratively with industry, government officials, and the scientific community to create and implement industrial hemp standards, certifications and regulations.

We firmly believe that American industry is trending towards bio-sustainability and hemp plays a critical role in the establishment of a new economic paradigm. The Arizona Hemp Coalition is dedicated to shifting the perception of hemp as being an alternative crop to a mainstream commodity.

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From the National Hemp Association – “Currently, the infrastructure to process raw hemp is almost non-existent throughout the United States. Currently we import hemp fiber, hurd, and hemp seeds for use in various industries ranging from health food to cosmetics and construction materials. The United States represents ninety percent of the worldwide market for hemp products which is roughly¬†$620 million retail in the U.S. annually¬†and has a track record of 10% growth per annum.”

Facilitating the production and processing of hemp within the United States will create thousands of jobs and encourage investment in Arizona. Building the infrastructure to process and sustain this new industry will require considerable investment. Educating the public about hemp, its history and uses is very important as we lay the foundations of building and investing in a sustainable industry.

The Coalition represents:

  • Hemp farmers, testers, processors, manufacturers, start-up businesses, entrepreneurial endeavors, and retailers
  • National and international industries which recognize the benefits of hemp as a versatile and ecologically-friendly material

We strive to build a viable industrial hemp economy by providing education about the benefits of hemp and providing expert consultation to producers and processors entering the hemp industry.

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